Q. When should I submit an application for admission?
There is not set admissions deadline.  However, in any case that there is a possibility of relocating to Chennai, parents are encouraged to submit all required application documents and payments as soon as possible.

Q. Can I enroll my child in AISC now?
Yes. AISC has a rolling admissions policy. Students are accepted continuously until the first week of May.

Q. When does the admission of students for the coming school year start?
We start enrolling student from January-February for an August start.

Q. What is the maximum number of students in a classroom?
The maximum number of students in a classroom is twenty (20) and it varies anywhere between 15 and 20, depending on a grade level.
Q.  Can my child leave the school campus during the day?
AISC operates as a closed campus. If your child needs to leave the campus for any reason during the school day please advise the Main reception.

Q.  Are meals provided by the school?
Yes. The school cafeteria is open throughout the school day.  The cafeteria provides full meals and a la carte lunch options along with drinks and snacks. A la carte items may also be purchased at the Student Store near the pool. Payment for food is made using a prepaid card.

Q. Does AISC offer transportation for students?
Yes, AISC offers a bus service route which, due to geographical challenges in Chennai, may be restricted only to certain neighbourhoods. The cost of this service is USD 1,500 per child for the entire year. We will provide door to door pick up service of students, provided that they live in the scheduled bus route.

Q. Do you have boarding facilities?
No. AISC is a school for day students.  There are no boarding facilities or provisions for students whose parents/guardians live and work outside of Chennai.

Q. What are the school hours?
School starts at 8:30 a.m and ends at 3:30 p.m.

Q. Are there school uniforms?
No. Students are expected to be clean and neat while at school or at school sponsored events. Appropriate standards of dress must take into account the many nationalities and cultures that are represented in the school.  Students should be dressed in a manner that is not offensive to general opinion or disruptive to the educational environment.  Students are only required to wear a uniform when representing the school while travelling and participating in athletic tournaments, when a uniform is provided.