How to Apply
Step 1: Review the Application Checklist
To facilitate the application process and ensure that all necessary forms and documents are received by AISC in a timely manner, we generated the Application Checklist for your convenience.

Step 2: Complete the Online Application and upload required documents 
Please note that all requested information and application documents must be submitted before the admissions process can begin. AISC will only accept application on-line. Once the application is complete and all materials are received, the Admissions Office will review the application.  Receipt of the application and application fee does not guarantee admission.  It only prepares it for ‘Step three’ of the application process, which is the review of the application. Please note that a non-refundable application fee (USD 400 ) must be paid before the application can be submitted. It does not guarantee admission.

Step 3: Process and Review of Application 
Review of the applications takes time. It may take up to two weeks for the Admissions office to process a completed application. During school holidays, including the summer (June and July), completed applications cannot be reviewed and, therefore, no action can be taken on admissions during this time. Applications may continue to be received by the Admissions office staff. However, official processing of applications may be deferred to a later date.The AISC academic year starts in August and ends in June of the following calendar year. Applicants for admission to AISC are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible.  There are no firm application “deadlines”, but as certain grade levels tend to fill up rather quickly, it is recommended to apply rather sooner than later. 
The application is reviewed in light of: available seats, prior academic achievement and the school’s ability to provide adequate EAL and/or Learning Support. If any of these factors pose evident concern, the student will be offered a spot in the wait pool or denied admission. If the Admissions Office has additional questions or concerns about a student, the family will be contacted to provide additional information. In such cases, a review team will be formed with appropriate personnel, which may include the divisional principal, counselor, Learning Resource Specialist and teacher(s). In all other cases, the application moves to step four.

Step 4: Notification of Application Status 

Offer of Placemen
The acceptance will be made by the Admissions Committee after reviewing all documents.If your child meets all Admissions criteria, you will receive a formal Letter of Offer from the Admissions Director and can begin to anticipate a positive transition into the AISC Community.   For the new school year commencing in August, new students are generally not offered places until returning students have completed their re-enrollment process. Acceptance for new students will be offered before the end of April.

Wait Pool
If an applicant meets admissions requirements but is applying for enrollment in a grade level or program that is full, then that applicant will be placed in the wait pool for that particular school year. Because of the school’s Admissions Policy, an applicant’s position in the wait pool may change if there are subsequent applications from families from other Categories. If a place becomes available, parents are notified and will receive an offer of placement (please see previous section). If it is determined that space will not be available during the requested school year, parents are notified in writing. If a candidate is interested in applying for the following year, a new application must be submitted.

An applicant may be denied admission when there are concerns about academic, social or emotional stability, when English language proficiency is not commensurate with the grade level of application (grades 9-12), or when AISC  is unable to offer a program to adequately meet an individual student’s learning needs.

Step 5: Payment 
Upon offering an applicant a place in the school, an official letter confirming this offer will be sent to the family by email. If the family wishes to accept the offer, they must inform the school within 7 days.  The school’s Finance Office will send the invoice to parents after acceptance of the Enrollment offer. Please contact our Finance Office with any specific questions pertaining to invoicing and payment of the school fees:

Step 6: Submit Additional Documents 
Before the first day of school, additional documents may be required. Failure to provide these will adversely affect the student’s initial few days.